Draynes Farm Lisburn

Our trip today was to Draynes Farm in Lisburn. It is a working farm where the cows get milked by robots and the farm produces its own milk, cream and ice cream. Of course we had to test the ice cream so we all had our own wee tub.
We had to go into the large freezer where the ice cream was stored. It was absolutely freezing… -18 deg.
Afterwards we had a picnic and went to Wallace Park in Lisburn to burn off a bit of energy.

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Portglenone Forest Adventure (After School Club)

Today the Summer Scheme kids we had their Forest Adventure at Portglenone Forest. It was our “Great Outdoor” theme week and we had a great day out.

We had two forest guides, Anne and Liz who took us round all the forest showing us the different trees and wildlife. We got to hunt for squirrels, bugs and even followed a badger trail.

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World of Owls

We visited the World of Owls today. we were introduced to an amazing selection of owls, buzzards, eagles and even snakes and lizards.

Harley, the largest owl actually featured in one of the Harry Potter Movies and Game of Thrones.20150805_114405 20150805_120921 20150805_123627 20150805_123659 20150805_124315 20150805_124950 20150805_125100 20150805_125417

Watertop Farm Ballycastle

Today’s trip was to Watertop farm in Ballycastle. We started off feeding the goats, alpacas and donkeys. We got Sean (the farmer) to shear a sheep for us (which really fascinated some of us).

The Paddy Wagon took us on a bumpy ride over the hills around the farm and we all got a ride on the quad train. (except Mr Ian… he didn’t fit)


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Ulster Transport Museum

Our trip today was to the Ulster Transport Museum. We saw some massive steam engines and how things used to be… (when Julie was wee).

We got to see the car from the film Back To The Future (if you’re old enough to remember) and we finished off with a picnic at Carnfunnock Country Park and a chance to burn off some energy on the beach.

Of course we had an ice cream!… again.

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Giants Causeway Trip

Today was the first trip for the After School Club Summer Scheme.  Our theme this week was Myths and Legends. The weather was great and after the Giants Causeway we went to the beach at Portballintrae for a picnic and fun on the beach.  We were only supposed to paddle up to our ankles but some thought that their ankles were at their waist!

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