Ladybirds is the perfect setting for introducing your little one to an exciting new world of fun, learning and social interaction.

Ladybirds was established in September 2011 by primary school teacher Mrs Kathryn McMullan. It started as a morning playgroup session where quality care and attention to detail were paramount. It soon grew to include full time day care and after two extensions to the main building, Ladybirds is the only provider to offer playgroup, pre-school, daycare and after-school facilities.

Ladybirds opened its pre-school funded room in September 2014. Pre-school children are at an age where they are starting to explore, experiment and make decisions for themselves.

There has been a great deal of care and attention put in to making our rooms into a bright, spacious and stimulating spaces where your child can learn and develop in a caring and nurturing environment leaving them well prepared for the next stage in their little life.

As well as a safe, stimulating, and homely atmosphere, our pre-school curriculum ensures that each child enjoys a broad and balanced day full of many activities, allowing them to have fun and build confidence while they learn.

Throughout their time at Ladybirds your child will enjoy a breadth of activities in line with the early years curriculum.